Friday, April 15, 2011

Unicorns, Magic, and Yours Truly!

Progressive Loitering could not be, were it not for our sponsors; therefore, we would like to send out a special thank you to Behind the Mist. This is how it works, my very own madre wrote a trilogy. Its called The Mist trilogy with Behind the Mist being the first book in the series. Without mi madre, Progressive Loitering would probably not exist. At least it wouldn't include me... So here is my review of Behind the Mist.
Behind the Mist follows a character named Nick (to be cast as Shia LeBouf in upcoming movie (I thought about choosing someone manlier... but the image of Vin Diesel riding a unicorn just didn't fit.)) who travels to Colorado to ride horses. Now let me start by praising the protagonist of the series. Nick is basically perfect in every way. Everything you could want from a main character. Fun-loving, funny, and of course Devilishly handsome.

Now back to the plot of the whole novel. Basically (*SPOILER ALERT*) Nick and his favorite horse, Jazz, fall off of a cliff and when Nick wakes up, he finds himself, and Jazz, in the Land Behind the Mist. Nick is the only human in Celestia, but quickly learns that there was one other before him who is now the slave of the Evil League of Evil's bad bad Leroy Brown of a Bad Horse, Hasbandana. Nick knows he must use his new magical powers to save the girl from the evil Unicorn's clutches.

My review of the book: It was really good. Really. Was it necessarily the greatest novel ever written, no. But was it a solid piece of writing with imaginative storytelling and unique ideas? Yes. Was it captivating, well-written, and organized? Absolutely! I really enjoyed this whole book. And, not to brag, but I even got to have the author read it to me out loud! Well. Most of it anyways. All in all, I give Behind the Mist (Book 1 of the Mist Trilogy) 5 miniature unicorn glass figurines out of 5.

If you're looking for a good fantasy, especially for early teens and pre-teens. Look at: for details on ordering and some samples of the story. Also check out:

Foreshadow: The second book is even better than the first!