Friday, March 26, 2010

who the crap!?

Who the crap posted the nick is so awesome thing under my name forever ago.... whoever it was... im after you...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yes! The best way to express your true feelings about your room mates. This time I decided I needed to do something a little more than just flush the toilet while they are in the shower. So my roommate Lara decides she must invite a boy over so she can make him dinner. (how traditional) now Lara is not your average girl. She wears suspenders, ugly sweaters, and has webbed toes. Do you have a good mental image now? so sweater girl has the table set all nice for this boy. When he knocks on the door and she goes to let him in I planned to go in the kitchen and put a candle in the middle of her table and turn out the lights so when the man comes in it is awkward as he sees his candle lit dinner. I was hoping to create a Lady and the Tramp spaghtetti dinner moment. Sadly I could not come up with a singing waitress on such short notice. Anyways sounds like a good idea right? No! as Im waiting for said man im trying to fish some pop corn kernels out of the candle because Olivia gets bored. There were two candles. I obviously was not paying attention to the other one. I hear sizzling. I stand up and notice a flame. Yeah my hairs on fire.
Sabotage BACK FIRED! So then my hairs all burnt and smells like… well hair someone cooked and there’s a reason nobody does that! So I grabbed the scissors and there was one climactic moment where I doubted myself and my intentions. Then I got a whiff of my hair again and threw that out the window and I cut it off! Surprisingly it still kind of smelled. This event led to me needing to get layers cut into my hair to help blend my little accident. Oh so you remember Lara's dinner? I bet the whole hair catching on fire thing distracted you and you forgot all about the man. yeah. so did I. Lara’s dinner went fine. Dangit. Moral of the story is stick to one candle… or the second one will get ya! Also don't let anything distract you from your mission.

p.s. Nicks not the only one with art skills.

Monday, March 22, 2010

And there we all were in one place

So I realize its probably high time I posted again. I've been a little bit busy to be honest. But I'm very close to throwing in the towel this semester anyways so might as well do something constructive. I usually resort to murder but... I've been clean for 6 months and thought I would keep it up... Lately I've spent most everyday living in the Talmage Building and the basement of the Crabtree building. Those are, in order, the Math/Computer Science building and then the Engineering/3D Animation building. I think I leave at about 10 and don't get home til 8 on good days... Thursdays though probably are from about noon to 2 or 3 before I finally leave.

So I know what you're thinking. Nick doesn't have a life. But you know what?! You know.. what...? You.... you... SHUT UP! I know I don't have a life! But whatever. By not having a life of your own, you are offered the chance to drop some eaves on other people around you. Its awesome. For example, I've learned a guy's shaving routine (including who shaves his back... Chase...), and I've learned the word for knife, Puchie (just wish I had heard what language that was, Oh well). Anyways, just thought I would post some of the work I've done in the Crabtree building for my computer graphics class...

Look! Teapots! And I know that they aren't to scale... It would have taken all of like 3 seconds to do... but it was also 2:30 am and I'd been there since 7 pm so I like it still! It makes me laugh. They're sneaking sugar cubes... because they're teacups... and its funny...

Til next time!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I would like to apologize for my extended absence. I was conducting a rejuvenation and soul-searching process in Cambodia, and unfortunately, the local starbucks did not offer complimentary wi-fi for me to "hammer out some blogs," as Jolly-Old-Santa-Nick would put it. In a further complaint, when I ordered exactly "half of an eleven pound black-forest ham," starbucks failed to deliver, quite literally as I also requested for them to deliver it to my place of residence. I contented myself by writing a letter of protest to the manager, in Khmer. It read as follows:I'm afraid I may have lost my professionality in the letter. I accidentally split an infinitive in the third line, and possibly dangled a participle in the eighth.

To conclude, I would just like to say how delicious black-forest ham is, and loitering, that's delicious too. I plan on registering it with the US Census Bureau so America can have accurate statistics about its taste in food. I also plan on marking "other" as my ethnicity, because I've always wanted to be one of the "others" from Lost. Now that I know they are their own ethnicity, it answers so many questions about the show...

Well, to end, I would like to offer express thanks to Nick, and and thank him for his patience in not kicking me off the blog, or "taking care of me," as he's hinted for the past month, or doing something else similarly sinister. Once again, thanks Nick.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What ho! Another Idea!

Well Nick brought up the idea of making our blog more visually stimulating, so I was brainstorming, and came up with this picture! Let me know what you all think.

Behold my Photoshop skilz!

If you all like this, we could put this picture in the box at the top of the page where the blog title goes. Might give the blog a little more character. Again though, it's all up to you, omnipotent overlord administrator. I await your opinion.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Direction

Hey guys. I received an interesting comment advising me to make the blog more, artistic I believe. And I would like to try to be very open to comments. Especially from Lara. Anyways, I've tried a bunch of different changes for the blog, especially the background. Here are a couple that I've done:

So yeah, I'm totally up for any suggestions and I'll work on them. Just throwing ideas around. Suggestions can be color schemes, good background pictures on the web, etc etc. Just bring them on.

Unless your name is Sterling. Then you gotta write on here to have any voice as to what happens!

James is not upset anymore

That, my friends, is Woll Smoth. He has absolutely nothing to do with this post. This is just a response to Nick's post below. I did write another blog entry about Canada's Olympic triumphs, entitled "True Patriot Love" (which is a line from O Canada, mind you). After Nick replaced the entire thing with "Go America", I was angry, but upon second thought, I realized the blog was a product of my over-excitement from the Olympics, and was a little much. Especially since the American Loitrons greatly outnumber the Canadian ones. In respect of Nick's, and the Loitrons', red, white, and blue hearts, I will refrain from reposting.

In other words, it's all good. After all, how could I refuse Wallace?

Refusing Wallace is like dividing by zero

Of course, this is all on the condition that Nick allows me to put up this one solitary picture.

Thanks Nick! And also, 14>9

And finally: Sterling, you need write something now. Anything. Describe breakfast. Write the alphabet. Explain the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. Just do it already.

James is upset

So last night, James posted his first post in a while. It was called something like "My Patriotism" or something to that effect. Upon reading, I decided that this blog already had enough Canada rocks posts, so, I deleted it and replaced his post with "Go America." Now I still find it somewhat amusing but seeing as James is probably still bitter. I returned his post. This time, HE deleted it. As an offering of remorse, I offer: Wallace.

You know you can't stay mad at Wallace! Also, although its going to break my Red, White, and Blue heart..... I'm not going to mess with James' post if he puts it back up. Or write a post about how much better America is.


Q: What's the difference between France and Quebec?
A: Quebec has prettier women and colder beer.

"There is nothing lower than the human race...except for the French." - Mark Twain 1878-79

Q: Why do the French smell so bad?
A: So blind people can hate them too.

Q. How do you confuse a French Soldier?
A. Give him a rifle and ask him to shoot it.

Going to war without the French on your side is like going hunting without an accordion.

Q: Whats the best place to hide your money?
A. under the soap of a frenchman.

Whew... Glad we had that. So worth it. I feel better about it all. So moral. You can love Canada all you want, James, or any other country for that matter, except France. Even Quebec.

Oh yeah. Does anyone even remember who sterlingsilver is? I've seen him under the "Authors" column but I could have sworn that the "Authors" authored things... I could have sworn!

(PS Not all of the jokes above are completely true or fair... Well.... Kinda... I guess I should say that they aren't fair because they kinda are true. Well... Actually... I should say that those jokes do not apply to every single Frenchman. Just most...)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

18 and a half candles

I would like to say that I am master hair dyer. I got Pink hair to stay in for like what two months before it started lookin blondish pink. Nick and his amateurs… pathetic. I would also like to say that although Canada won the whole hockey thing they did it WITH Pittsburgh’s Crosby. So. Go Pens! Go Pittsburgh!
I don’t remember making any promises dealing with Pittsburgh on here… =) anyways. I love birthdays. Recently I celebrated my friends half birthday. Now I know what youre thinking.. they must have been bored. And right you are! So I got some pie and 18 and a half candles. Yes I broke it in half sheesh. I don’t believe in the whole half of a cake thing.
Wow. Thats just cruel.

When you do something for someone’s birthday.. youre just like everyone else they know. Everyones filling up your inbox with a million texts saying the same thing (except in Nicks case), everyone writes on your facebook wall and everyone expects you to have cake. Sorry if you thought you were extra appreciated for that generic birthday card you sent your cousin but they will forget about it by the next week. You didn’t make their day, it was already made with the first dozen birthday cards. But on half birthdays! Seriously.. who else went to her house that day? No one! And its best if the person doesn’t even know its their half birthday! Talk about memorable. Like if someone gave me that same lame cupcake or card you gave your brother on his birthday on my HALF birthday! Just like that you go down in the record books as being a part of my most memorable half birthday. Ever. SO half birthdays are wayyy better than birthdays for everyone trying to celebrate with someone! Of course your own half birthday is never as fun as your real birthday, but for everyone else in the world! They should probally like your half birthday better.

P.S. I'm also after you Sterling...