Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Flaming Mustache part 2

Okay everyone, let's play a Game. It's called, Find what's different about the following two pictures. Feel free to scroll up and down until you see it. I'll give you a hint, its not the different seasons or angle of the picture that I'm looking for...So do you see it? Or rather, do you not see it? IT'S GONE! Like magic even. One semester its there, bringing the students of BYU joy, and now... Its gone! It was a sad day, coming back to BYU only to find it missing. It felt so empty. Turns out that the Flaming Mustache was only a seasonal exhibit, and that it has moved on. I wasn't sure how to react. At first I fell to my knees and screamed towards the sky, then I was angry and threw a big rock into the pond, and then I laid on my back and cried. The Flaming Mustache was like this Blog's mascot!

It was quite the slap in the face I must say! I biked around the HFAC and looked for the familiar mustache-shaped fire and, nothing was there... It's probably banned from BYU. I'm sure its somewhere in the Honor Code... "Self-expression through the use of flames and mustaches is prohibited on school grounds." Of course this will inspire lots of new art with flames OR with mustaches, but its not the same!

Anyways, I guess the people in the Art Museum were aware of the pain they were causing the students at BYU. So they replaced the mustache with these. But ask yourself, Where is the fire? Where are the mustaches?
Okay.... I'll admit they are kinda cool. But still! No amount of other cool things can replace the fact that my love is gone. Now my Bonnie really does lie somewhere over the ocean...

Well I wish to mourn this loss some more so I bid you readers farewell.... Go America... Go mustache-less-BYU....

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  1. Poor Nick. I wish my life were so easy that all I had to worry about was where a flaming mustache
    is currently polluting the air! Get back to class! Love, Mom