Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank the drink company that paid for your long board.

About a week ago I went long boarding. I don’t know how to long board. I was like a baby that got thrown into the deep end. Yeah I fell in front of a cute boy. I took about a century to get down the canyon and it was definitely safe to say I had no long boarding skills. My friends could’ve bought and eaten 6 shrimp rings by the time I got down that sucker. My friends love long boarding but I gave up on that distant dream of me ever being able to do it. Then I get a call from this dude telling me I won a long board. Some of you may have seen that long board in the creamery and people were entering to win. Yeah one day I was buying my milk (milk is heavy so I don’t like to drag it home from the real grocery store) and the cashier person told me to fill out this paper to win a long board I did it because well the lady in front of me was taking a century and I like to write my name and number on things. BOOM> then I won. Clearly God got angry that I was giving up on the long boarding dream. I soon realized it’s my DESTINY. There I am walking out of the creamery, long board in hand looking like the biggest poser around but I held my head high because I was a believer. Yeah I was gonna get it. I was gonna save the world on my long board.

I think thats a surfer, but thats pretty close to the epic picture I have in mind when I say I am going to save the world. So I scooted my butt around a school for a few hours just going around and around and I am slowly getting somewhere. In just a small time I will have it! And I will go back to the canyon and make it down that sucker in reasonable time! And then I will go buy Honestade or whatever the company was that sponsored it and got me the long board. Morals of the story: thank the drink company who pays for your long board, and if you give up on a hobby that you’re not suppose to, God will let you know.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 Years Ago!

One year ago today a great celebration occurred. One that caused a great swelling of pride among a group of students. Nay, of heroes. One year ago today, we celebrated what happened 2 years ago today! One year ago today I wrote a memento:

"Today is an anniversary of one of the greatest days in the history of the world! And no, I'm not talking about Columbus Day! (Although I do believe in Columbus) Today is the anniversary of the time that a drunk suicidal man drove into my school! Best Day Ever! All I know is I had a math test I wasn't ready for and went to bed super depressed! Never have emotions gone from absolutely awful to just plain amazing in such a little amount of time!

"A lot of people don't really believe me, but let me assure you, its true! Check out as proof! Seminary..... Canceled! Better than a Snow Day! YEAH! So, in honor of the greatest day in the history of the world, School is canceled! For All! Just like it was canceled one year ago! And every year from today forward!

"Go America!"

One year ago today a great day was celebrated. One year ago today, I couldn't convince people to actually skip school and felt kinda lame sitting on my bed in my dorm room alone. But that was one year ago. Two years ago today, as I was about to go to bed, my phone rang with news that the next day was canceled, and that I didn't have to wake up at 5am for seminary! An entire culture (Or um... subculture... or... student body) did not have to go to school based on the heroics of one drunk! A suicidal drunk who many suspect as being un-suicidal. Regardless of these vicious rumors about his orientation, he has created a holiday that thousands will always remember. And for this we thank him.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sterling Silver

Dear Sterling, mi amor,

I miss you like Cindy-Lou misses Christmas. Please either 1) start writing on the blog - OR - 2) move back to Colorado. I know you haven't even left yet and I'll be in Utah the whole time anyways... But what am I supposed to do over Christmas break? I simply can't wait until you finally get to BYU! Plus, if you go on a mission, that's even longer... I shudder at the thought! What if I meet another Sterling before you get home? You can't ask me to give up 2 years of my life! Even so, Tu es mas guapissimo que la voz de Morgan Freeman.

Te amo,
Nick Evans