Monday, May 10, 2010

Back from College

Who else is ready for school to end? I mean seriously? I'm pretty done with all my classes... FINALLY! Man I've been here for a long time without seeing the east side of the mountains. However, looking back at it, there are some invaluable lessons that college has taught me:

1) I now have the ability to catch anything that falls out of cupboards or freezers. Really! I just noticed this talent a few weeks ago when some jar of strawberries fell out of the freezer and I caught it and put it back mindlessly. Suddenly I realized, I catch falling stuff every time I open the freezer!

2) Home is not only where the heart is. Home is where there is food, that you didn't buy, but that you can eat.

3) How weird it is that the rest of the world seems to stop doing anything before 10.

4) How ridiculously easy High School was. I remember whining about it and how annoying it was... How wrong I was...

5) The true value of video games... Without Super Smash Bros, I think our whole dorm would've lost their minds! And without Star Wars: Battlefront The Tall One would've lost it and started shooting people! Fortunately he stuck just to shooting Algorithms instead. What's better after way too much studying than getting in virtual fights with your roommates every night? Oh yeah, making the loser do push ups! (got me back in shape)

6) Need is not the mother of invention... Avoiding Studying is!

To prove our awesome-ness, and just how true # 5 and 6 are... I thought I would show just how amazingly... awesome we are! Clearly procrastinating studying for finals, we found glitches in Super Smash Brothers. Yeah I know, we're pretty cool... How we did it was from a rumor that you could create a black hole. Sure enough we did it... then we IMPROVED upon it! Here's the basic idea:

But... We made it even more awesome. What we did was drop a fox in and Down-B at the same moment he would have gone in the black hole while he's still invincible.

Whala! Insta-Anti-Boredom! And yes... We did have enough time on our hands to find this...

Wallace is sorry you had to see that...

I think that this all calls for a "Go America"... Yup, indeed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

fish, gas, and Harry Potter.

After a sad goodbye to Provo and the most awesome people, and my trip to Washington I have found myself finally back in Pennsylvania. One strange encounter along the way was with a gas station in Oregon… where you can’t pump gas… stranger yet this is the way it must be in Oregon. People spend their gas station time watching someone ELSE pump their gas. I am glad I do not live in Oregon or I would need to find new ways to feel independent. I’d probably have to grow my own cereal or go fishing. I hate fishing. When I was ten I cried when I caught a fish by his eye. That was my first and last fishing experience.

But I am now back home to pumping my own gas and my immortal fish. Along with him being left at home when I went on Vacation and living a lonely fish life in a nasty bowl for 3 years he survived swimming in soapy sink water. I was hoping he would die when I was away at college so I wouldn’t have to wake up to him starring into my soul anymore but clearly he is not done with his goals in life. Most gold fish finish what they needed to do in life within a month of getting them. Figures I get a fighter as a last minute panicked Christmas present from my brother. Sorry I have nothing better to talk about than fish and gas. I’d tell you the crazy stories but you wouldn’t believe me. That or somebody with authority would read it. I hate it when that happens.

So no crazy stories but Ill leave you with two pictures because Nick has a rule about needing pictures in your posts and he likes facebook. and I aim to please. I like it when Harry Potter and Edward meets Mean Girls.

Keep it real kids. peace.