Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life without a phone.

Yes. Today is my Birthday. The day on which I was born was indeed today. Which is cool. Except that I'm writing on this blog. Which means that I did nothing with my day. Simply because... My phone is gone. Yup, this week I don't have my phone. I was intelligent and left my Charger charging at my house. (And charging and charging and charging.) So therefore, no calls or texts on my birthday, or in general. Which is endlessly frustrating let me assure you. Especially when that same week you lose the key to your dorm. Yes... It would seem I'm quite helpless. I don't exactly know what happened... But it did

So the big news is I dyed my hair. Yup. I used a full Woman's Strength bottle of Red (nay, AUBURN) Hair dye, invited a real girl over, and went at it. I figured anything that's Strong enough for a woman should be overwhelming for my short hair. But to be safe we washed in the conditioner, sat me down and dyed it again. This is what I've learned from this experience. Hair dyes suck. I swear, I dyed it twice and nothin! I mean I guess its got a nice warm, inviting redish hue when the sun hits my hair, reflects into a stained glass window and onto a widow's purse, but outside of that isolated incident, nothing!

So I guess I should give a little background on this mishap. I was invited to go to a Girl's Pref dance that was Harry Potter themed. So I thought to myself, who is a good character from Harry Potter? Well I sure as heck wasn't about to go as Harry and have to give up my man card for the decade. So instead I thought, FRED AND GEORGE!

Come on? Seriously? Who would you expect me to be! The only problem was, I had to get red hair, and then convince someone else to dye their hair with me. I failed at both. Brian was willing to spray his hair, but we could only find pink spray, and this:

Is not gonna happen. So I bought actual hair dye, but as I found out, not everyone shares my love for going all out. I was willing to have red hair for a month or two just to have a convincing costume for a Harry Potter dance. Brian was not so willing.

So knowing nothing about hair dying, I thought to myself, "This is one of those things you need female help on." The problem once again lyes in my lacking a phone. The people I know dye their hair weren't an option. Instead I scoured my roommate's phone to find any girl to help me out! LeBron James came through. But it turns out, that girls are not hardwired with the ability to dye hair (or cook as I learned recently... ), hence my still brown hair. She wasn't very comforting either. She kept saying things like, "Oh no" but when I asked would respond something to the effect of, "I don't know what you're talking about... Don't worry about it..." After washing out the second dye attempt, she kinda half smiled at me and started laughing... Fail... So endlessly frustrating... I had to go dressed as George, with a big ol' G on my chest and everything but brown hair. I haven't felt so dumb since failing to kill James with my neighbor's dog.

But, I should be more easy going about this whole mess I guess. After all, I look the same. And more importantly, as the guy in the hot tub said to his girlfriend, "So I shaved my chest the other day.... But now its kinda more like stubble... Then I had Chase shave my back.... It was like a shaving train...." Thank you, wise man..... Thank you. It just reminds me how awkward I'm destined to be after I get home from my mission.

I don't know. Just saw it on Facebook, thought you all might want to see. His name is Kendall Berry by the way. If you all add him and then comment on this picture that would be awesome. Its somewhat upsetting that his hair dye worked...

Finally.... Sterling... I'm after you... You know what I mean...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alexandre Bilodeau=Canadian Jesus

I'm pretty sure it's my turn to write something. Unfortunately, I've been a bit short on ideas. However, I feel like you all deserve something to read, so I just thought I'd comment on the currently occurring Winter Olympics. For those of you who don't know, Canada just won its first Olympic gold at home, in men's moguls. While most of the readers don't care, we in Canada are pretty psyched. So I just thought I'd say, all hail Alexandre Bilodeau!

Bilodeau fo sho

Maelle Ricker rules as well!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The world in Java

I stumbled upon what I have personally deemed as a great idea! Of course, it would not exactly be what most people would find entertaining; however, I plan on making a website in the near future. (Near future meaning in about 3 years. I'm mormon which kinda means 2 years are busy.) Anyhow, I have a website idea! A lot of you won't probably think that anything below is very funny, or that it even makes much sense, but for those of you like me, it should be awesome.

Here's my idea, Its going to be a website that allows myself and others to post micro-programs in Java that describe certain aspects of the world! I'll decide if they are good enough for my website, and choose one or two and post it every day. It will be awesome!

Sorry about the lack of pictures this time... Here I have an idea!

Wallace has been so kind to us. Thanks Wallace

So anyways, here are a few examples:

// How children erase 33 years of human history
// int bc = any time before Christ, int ad = any time after his death

public static void main(String [] args)

if(!bc && !ad)
return null;

// Class whyIsTheRumGone

public static void main(String [] args)
if(numGermans > 0 || numIrish > 0)
amountRum = 0;

// Class theGame

public static void main(String [] args)
for(int i=0; i < ∞; i++)
cure = player.findCure();
return cure;

So yeah. that's pretty much the plan. I think it'll be fun. And it will let me release my inner nerd into something productive so that I don't turn to StarCraft... Not to say that that's a bad thing to do with your time... Maybe...

So anyone care? Or have any ideas? I was thinking either or just But we'll see. So if you have any ideas or comments or even better, programs, let me know!

Sorry about the crappy formatting... It kinda won't let me do it. I even went into the HTML and inserted tabs and Blogger just shook its finger at me and laughed... In fact, it displayed a picture of Hitler that headbutted and cracked my screen... which I didn't know was even possible!