Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The First Post

Welcome one and all to Progressive Loitering! I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name really is Nick Evans, yes I'm the one you've heard so much about but can't find pictures of on google. (I apologize, I haven't had time to put them up. And frankly I'm too lazy) Many of you may have read my previous blogs and become fans there. Others of you may be new to this whole 'obsessing over a blog' concept and I welcome you as well... Let's get things started right, I hope that you will find enlightenment, humor, fulfillment, and pictures like below on this blog!

See? Looking at blogs is fun!

Being the first post, I wasn't completely sure what to put up... I know many of you have tried out to become authors for this blog and I apologize that I only selected 3 of you to help me out but let me assure you they are well qualified. Each one of these have submitted a blog entry to me, which I have reviewed and commented on and chose based on their humor and writing style... And then James is just Canadian, and not mormon, so we needed some sort of diversity here...

Welcome fellow Loiterers with nothing better to do! I feel close to you already!

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