Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mission to Mexico Leon Letter Promises

Promises made by Nick Evans to anyone who writes him on his mission:


1 letter: He will write you back.

2 letters: He will write you back and think good thoughts in your direction.

3 letters: He will owe you one good deed upon arriving home.

4 letters: You’ll find a kitten. A good one!

5 letters: A free High-5 coupon.

6 letters: He will include you in his daily journal.

7 letters: In his homecoming talk, he will give you a shout out.

8 letters: He will do any dare given to him after returning home.

9 letters: He’ll tell you an awesome story (Spiritual, funny, embarrassing... by request).

10 letters: He’ll send you a local dead bug.

11 letters: Honor to you, honor to your family.

12 letters: He’ll send you a lock of his hair.

13 letters: He’ll send you a letter about the superstitions of the Mexico.

14 letters: He’ll draw you a doodle. A good one!

15 letters: You’ll gain a super power! (Possibly only Batman’s super powers).

16 letters: You’re grades will improve (especially in English after all this practice).

17 letters: He’ll answer any question you have about anything (Answer will be: 42).

18 letters: People will begin throwing their money at you everywhere you go (This is more of a curse than a blessing, especially if people are only carrying change).

19 letters: You will meet the individual of your dreams.

20 letters: He’ll send you a small dead animal.

21 letters: He will write you back in pirate.

22 letters: He’ll send you a lock of his companion’s hair.

23 letters: He’ll write you back in third person.

24 letters: WILD CARD! (Either send a request, or expect something weird).

25 letters: You won the Game! You won it! Really! You’re free!

26 letters: He will send you some real Mexican food. (May not ship well)

27 letters: You will have secured yourself as a permanent Facebook friend.

28 letters: He’ll send you an awesome picture!

29 letters: He will send you a Christmas/birthday gift.

30 letters: He’ll send you a dead medium sized animal (perhaps a cat or a large squirrel).

31 letters: He’ll write you a song in Spanish.

32 letters: He’ll send you a lock of an Investigator’s hair.

33 letters: He’ll throw you a free nacho party (but it will be in Mexico).

34 letters: You’ll make a new friend. A Good one!

35 letters: He’ll send you 50 pesos and a sugar cube!

36 letters: Post Card!

37 letters: Mini Mexican flag and a letter!

40 letters: He’ll send you a dead Drug Cartel… probably…

42 letters: He’ll send you a lock of the Mission President’s hair… probably…

48 letters: He’ll give you his prized “Perry the Platypus” hat…

49 letters: Look behind you… look harder… now look down… yup, right there. There’s a tiny Unicorn isn’t there? It can fly too, you know!

50 letters: The Unicorn is now a Dragon! Right on!

100 letters: He will probably marry you. (That’s just 1 letter a week! Best Value!)

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  1. Nick you forgot to leave an address! ARRRRRGH