Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank the drink company that paid for your long board.

About a week ago I went long boarding. I don’t know how to long board. I was like a baby that got thrown into the deep end. Yeah I fell in front of a cute boy. I took about a century to get down the canyon and it was definitely safe to say I had no long boarding skills. My friends could’ve bought and eaten 6 shrimp rings by the time I got down that sucker. My friends love long boarding but I gave up on that distant dream of me ever being able to do it. Then I get a call from this dude telling me I won a long board. Some of you may have seen that long board in the creamery and people were entering to win. Yeah one day I was buying my milk (milk is heavy so I don’t like to drag it home from the real grocery store) and the cashier person told me to fill out this paper to win a long board I did it because well the lady in front of me was taking a century and I like to write my name and number on things. BOOM> then I won. Clearly God got angry that I was giving up on the long boarding dream. I soon realized it’s my DESTINY. There I am walking out of the creamery, long board in hand looking like the biggest poser around but I held my head high because I was a believer. Yeah I was gonna get it. I was gonna save the world on my long board.

I think thats a surfer, but thats pretty close to the epic picture I have in mind when I say I am going to save the world. So I scooted my butt around a school for a few hours just going around and around and I am slowly getting somewhere. In just a small time I will have it! And I will go back to the canyon and make it down that sucker in reasonable time! And then I will go buy Honestade or whatever the company was that sponsored it and got me the long board. Morals of the story: thank the drink company who pays for your long board, and if you give up on a hobby that you’re not suppose to, God will let you know.

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  1. "i like to write my name and number on things" ILOVEYOU
    i love every single thing about this post.
    its so inspiring and awesome!
    and i have no idea what it even is!